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Welcome to category Games!
Play free online games, play bingo, famous board games, puzzles, brain teasers and riddles, math and maze games, word, jigsaw and sliding block puzzles. Make your friends smile or visit the Shop for great gift ideas.
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General Games

Play Free Online Games
Play Pacxon Game Play PacXon Game
One Of The Most Legendary & Popular Games Online!
Use Pacman to capture sections of the board. Clear 80% to progress to the next level. Good Luck!
Play Kitten Cannon Game Play Kitten Cannon Game
A simple and funny game, if you like to make fluffy bloody! :) Aim and shoot and hope for the best when kitty goes on a ride.
Play The Worlds Hardest Game Play The Worlds Hardest Game
Work your way through 30 incredibly hard levels, and if you can finish all of them you can compete for a spot on the world leader board! Also, if you think this game is hard, check out The World's Hardest Game 2!
Play Bloons Game Play Bloons
Shoot as many ballons as possible in this classic!
  • More Bloons
  • Even More Bloons
  • Bloons 2
  • Bloons Tower Defense 3
  • Bloons Tower Defense 4
  • Play Pacman Game Play Pacman
    Control pac man to eat all the food in the maze. When you have eaten the red food, you can eat the ghosts as well, but before that, you have to escape from the them otherwise they will eat you.
    Category: Games
    Cool Games Board Games Brain Teasers
    Math Puzzles Riddles & Logic Word Puzzles
    Maze Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzles Sliding Puzzles
    Cool Games
    arcade games Games at
    Free arcade games online, tank games, sports games, shooting, puzzles, card games...
    Star Wars Combine Game Star Wars Combine Game
    A free online role-playing simulation game based on the Star Wars universe.
    Online Flash Games Online Flash Games
    Arcade, action, puzzle, shooting, sports, fighting, multiplayer, adventure, card, board and racing games.
    Age of the Throne Game Age of the Throne Game
    Windows and Java. A unique online experience set in 17th Century Paris in the time of the Kings Musketeers and the Cardinal's Guard.
    Online Game World, Avalon Online Game World, Avalon
    The Legend Lives. Avalon - multi-user online game world.
    RuneScape Game RuneScape Game
    RuneScape is a massive 3d multiplayer adventure game, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win. You control your own character who will improve and become more powerful the more you play.
  • Smilie Games :)
    Free to play :) Smilie's Online Games Site! Great browser based fun, Java games, Shockwave games, Flash games, Download games - Cubis, Word Mojo, Freakout, Pool, Darts, Chess, Rugby, Soccer, Football, Space Invaders, Solitaire and many more!
    Traditional games for the family: jigsaw puzzles, cards games and puzzles.
    Trivia, shockwave, flash, arcade, puzzles, and much more! Plus Free Games For Your Website
  • World Village KIDZ
    A great site for kids with many puzzles and games to play online.
  • BU's Interactive WWW Games
    Java and non-java games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Pegs, Minesweep just to name a few.
  • Bills Games
    A collection of free Java-less card games, puzzles, word games and board games.
  • BLIP! The Playground
    Play games like chess or sumo, card and party games, memory games and grand prix races.
  • Dan Zen Mind Games
    Original games like spirogram, web ouija, teleporters, age guesser, tower of babel and mustache mysteries.
  • Warcraft III Battle Chest Amazon Gift Certificate Elder Scrolls 3
    Details Details Details
  • Free Online Games
    Big collection of free online games in various categories like arcade, shooting, adventure, puzzles, strategy, sports and more. New free online games are added daily and no registration is required.
  • The Ricochet Robot Challenge
    A game to make your head hurt.
  • Dots
    Dots and Boxes is a game sort of like connect the dots.
  • Gamegate.Com
    Gamegate develops online casual games, the games on this page are part of the Gamegate portfolio. Since Gamegate keeps on developing games, any suggestions you might have could be useful. Have fun playing these games.
  • Free Games @ Twizl
    Free online games including arcade games, action games, sports games, flash games, board games, web games, kids games, online games, internet games and much more.
  • Games Freak
    Play over 1000 free racing games online, including car games, bike games, parking games and more on
  • Dragon Court
    A FREE fantasy role-playing game. It is graphical and interactive. This game requires a Java Virtual Machine.
  • World of Warcraft Amazon Gift Certificate Elder Scrolls 4
    Details Details Details
  • Java Game Play
    This site features original, action packed games written entirely in Java. No downloads or plug ins required.
  • Crash and Burn
    Shockwave game. A tribute to the days when people where simple and 4 bit was cool.
  • Shockwave Games
    AdverActive features sports, mind, action and kids games free to play.
  • Game Scene
    Take a break, relax and play a game. All of these games use Macromedia Shockwave.
  • Sunkist Fun Zone
    Visit Sunkist Kids to find fun games for kids online. Check out coloring games, memory games, scramble games, and games to take on the go.
  • Find The Monkey
    Find-the-Spam? Well, Find-the-Monkey takes the idea to a new level of insanity. Your job is to find the monkey from among several pictures given. It may sound easy, but trust us, it isn't.
  • Java Gaming Free Games
    Online java game collection. Full categories for all kinds of Java games.
  • Matica Games
    Matica free online multi player games and chat room with pool and formula one and world cup 2002 football
  • The Sims 2 Nightlife Expansion Pack Amazon Gift Certificate Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection
    Details Details Details
    Board Games
  • Abalone - Game of Marbles
    The object of this strategy game is to eject six of the opponent's marbles from the board.
  • Abalone Online
    Free real-time online abalone boardgame, requires Flash plugin.
  • Backgammon
  • HC-Gammon
    Play against the 100,000th backgammon players at the demo lab.
  • Gammon Village
    Backgammon's largest online publication and interactive community Web site
  • Backgammon Galore
    Motif is a Java applet that plays backgammon.
  • Net Gammon
    Play Backgammon on the internet.
    Backgammon resource online with rules, strategy tips, analyzed matches, glossary, history, books, book reviews and a worldwide club list. Play backgammon free online and don't miss Blunder of the Week
  • Battleship
  • Armada Java Battleship Game
    Sink your opponent's ships before he sinks yours.
  • DevelCor's BattleShip
    The classic board game, with sounds and animations. Play battleship over the internet or watch others play.
  • Abalone Game Backgammon Attache Electronic Battleship
    Details Details Details
  • Checkers
    This is straight, American checkers. No long jumps.
  • The Gamer Cafe
    A checkers server for playing checkers online against others or a Java applet.
  • Chess
    Free online chess, where you can play online chess against chess players from across the globe.
  • GameKnot - Play Chess Online
    Internet chess games; Free online chess, no additional software to download, easy navigation, compete in chess league, bi-monthly tournaments, teams and more.
  • Xiang Qi, The Art of Chinese Chess
    Java version, includes a tutorial, chat, and pages on the game's historical background.
  • Internet Chess Club
    Play chess online. Over 20,000 members and 70,000 games played per day. Beginners to Grandmasters play online. Serious chess. Serious fun!
  • Caissa's Web
    A web-based chess server that allows members from all over the world to play live, real-time games of chess using an easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • Internet Chess
    Internet Chess at is here to provide a free area for chess enthusiasts.
  • Go Game
  • John's Go Applets
    The game of Go aka Weiqi in Chinese, Baduk in Korean.
  • Introduction to Go
    Go (Wei-ch'i, Baduk), the world's greatest board game, began in Asia 4,000 years ago. Everything you need to know about the game "Go".
  • Smart Go Games
    Free download. Igowin is a 9x9 free version of many faces of Go. Play Go against the computer with great graphics.
    Go Games, Go information and Go study tools.
  • JOGS Go Server
    Java open Go server. Play Go or learn by watching others play.
  • Chess Pieces and Board Go Set with 2 Pull-out Drawers Classics Checkers
    Details Details Details
  • Mastermind
    The following is another example of how to create a graphically pleasing Java applet.
  • Crack the Code
    The computer picks a four-colour code. If you guess it in 5 or less, you can enter the hall of fame.
  • Mastermind - Games Arena
    You know the rule. Go ahead.
  • Shockwave Mastermind
    Just click the arrow till you see mastermind. Can you guess the colour sequence and the order in only 10 goes ?
  • More Board Games
  • Dominate
    The Online Boardgame of World Domination
  • Darkfish Java Games
    Java games you play against the computer -- Checkers, Reversi, Nimskulls, Five Field Kono, Pentalpha.
    A free Java games site, featuring Schnauser, Middopoly, Mancala, Middtris, Crostics, Connect Four, Chinese Checkers, Memory, Battleship, and more.
  • Multiplayer Web Stratego
    Online enhanced version of board game stratego by Metaforge Corporation. Also JChess, JavaNoid, Tetris and Missile Command
  • Othello
    The objective of this classic strategy game, also known as Reversi, is to finish the game with the greater amount of pieces (circles) of the same color.
  • Free Online Board Games by FlyOrDie
    Play multiplayer free board games online against other human players.
  • Mancala
    Play online via javascript. An ancient game with simple rules, but winning takes a long time to master.
  • A-Taq
    Differently than Chess, any A-Taq piece can move in any direction. The difference between each piece lies in what it can do.
  • Free Online Board Games
    Check out all the Board Games this site has to offer. Games that everyone wants to play! All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.
  • Pimpernel Games
    Mahjongg java game. Try to leave as less Mahjongg stones as possible and join the high score list.
  • Mastermind Game Sequence Game Stratego Game
    Details Details Details
    Brain Teasers & Puzzles
  • Educational Puzzles
    Hypnotic site for active minds and puzzle enthusiasts: enjoy making and solving puzzles, optical illusions, tessellations, geometric dissections, tangrams, and mazes....
  • BrainBashers
    An exciting collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions. BrainBashers is updated with optical illusions and games regularly and has 5 new puzzles added each week.
  • Aha! Creative Puzzles
    Fun creative puzzles with Aha! answers designed by Lloyd King, author of Test Your Creative Thinking.
  • The Ultimate Puzzle Site
    Challenging puzzles and riddles in various categories and exciting interactive quizzes and tests.
  • Play With Your Mind
    Original word games, logic puzzles, typing tests and other games for your brain.
  • Puzzle Section
    All the puzzles in this selection are of the "Hidden Object" or "Find The Fault" type
  • Shakespeare Puzzle
    Can you solve Shakespeare's puzzle?
  • Erich's Puzzle Palace
    Many different puzzles can be found here.
  • Puzzles.COM
    Resource for puzzling on the Internet - is about Puzzles, Illusions, Tricks, Toys, and everything around all these great Funny, Entertaining, Intellectual and Educational Things.
  • Nim Skulls
    Pick up to three skulls at a turn, the winner is the player that forces the other player to pick up the last skull.
  • The Fruit Game
    The Fruit Game is a fancy version of "Nim." Can you beat this devious game of logic ?
    This 200+ page site hosts IQ tests, puzzles, brain teasers, trivia, games and much more for your entertainment and befuddlement!
  • Exidor's Logic Puzzle Place
    Brain teasers and other puzzles.
  • The Complete Book of Brainteasers Ultra Tangoes Brain Teaser Game Set
    Details Details Details
    Riddles & Logic
  • Muller Riddle Page
    This site contains riddles of all kinds and levels. You can try to solve or to submit a riddle.
  • Neil/Fred's List of Riddles
    In each of these riddles the object is to figure out why something happened, or how someone knew, or how something is possible, or basically just what's going on.
  • Mindbreakers - Puzzles and Riddles
    Solve the brain teasers and handy games with math logic.
  • Logic Games
    Challenging strategy logic games for windows and macintosh.
  • Ancient Riddles
    A small list of riddles by Tela Communications.
  • Logic
    Test your skills at the fork in the road ...
  • Riddles of Food and Culture Riddle-Master Fundrum My Conundrum: Riddles
    Details Details Details
    Maze Puzzles
  • The Maze Box
    Try various mazes. Find over 100 kinds of mazes.
  • Clickmazes
    Interactive java mazes. Prepare to be amused and confused.
  • Java Maze
    Normal maze, torus maze, 2 layer maze, zerosum maze and one way door maze.
  • Think Labyrinth
    A site dedicated to mazes, features an interactive maze program and a gallery of computer mazes.
  • Maze Maker
    Create custom mazes based on shapes or text.
  • Amazeworld
    A collection of interactive web-mazes.
  • MazePuzzle
    Adrian Fisher's first 3 Colour Mazes were published in Scientific American in 1984, and he has been creating puzzle mazes with ingenious rules ever since.
  • The Maze
    Can you solve the world's most challenging puzzle?
  • Logic Mazes
    Unusual mazes with unusual rules. Some are interactive (using Java), some use weirdly shaped rolling blocks and some you can actually walk through.
  • World Wide Maze
    A series of shockwave maze games on different sites on the internet.
  • World's Most Challenging Puzzle Labyrinth - Anniversary Maze The Amazing Labyrinth Board Game
    Details Details Details
    Math Puzzles
    The mathematical recreations website.
  • Ken's Puzzle of the Week
    Puzzles found over the years. Update weekly.
  • Free Puzzles
    Increase your IQ by playing math puzzles.
  • Math Page
    Jeff Ericksons page of mathematical games and puzzles.
  • Absurd Math
    Interactive pre-algebra games, puzzles and logic problems.
  • The Pi Trivia Game
    Test your knowledge of history, mathematics and even a little physics.
  • Self-referential Aptitude Test
    A logic puzzle, by Jim Propp a math prof. It's cleverly written, and fun to solve.
  • The Brain Exerciser
    The Null Set: Puzzles and Games: Mathematical Puzzles
  • Olympiad Math Madness
    A collection of mathematical problems, invented for mathematical olympiads the world over.
  • Problem Corner
    Mathematical problems and puzzles from the journal Matematika.
  • Mathematical Blackjack
    A 2-person combinatorial game. What is remarkable about it is that a winning strategy, depends on knowing how to determine hexads.
  • Mathematical Musings
    Puzzles with euclid's proof, trisecting an angle and lorentz transformations.
  • Math Magic
    Math Magic is a web site devoted to original mathematical recreations.
  • The Mammoth Book of Sudoku Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games Mathematical Games of the Last Ten Centuries
    Sliding Block Puzzles
  • Sliding Block Puzzles
    Many old and rare sliding puzzles you can play with.
  • Slider
    Non-Java sliding puzzle games, different graphics to choose from.
  • ADDiction Puzzle Game
    ADDiction is a puzzle game where you must solve puzzles by swapping tiles.
  • Web Puzzler
    Try to solve the puzzle by rearranging the pieces.
  • Sliding Block Puzzle
    Interactive online slider puzzle using a free Java applet - Slide the tiles to reveal the scrambled picture.
  • Rideau Sliding Picture Puzzles
    You must be running a JAVA enabled browser to use these puzzles.
  • Cube Slide
    Test your puzzling skill on this amazing new Hexagonal variation on sliding tile puzzles.
  • Paperweight Slide Puzzle
    Another 4x4 sliding puzzle.
  • Music Fan Clubs: Sliding Tile
    Help put the mixed up photograph of your favorite musician(s) back together.
  • Flip Side Game Fifteen Slide Game Sudoku Game
    Details Details Details
  • Age of Puzzles - Sliding Block Puzzles
    Very popular puzzles which exploit moving pieces in the form of some square, rectangular, triangular, circular, corner-like, and similar blocks (tiles or solids), and a specially shaped tray (2- or 3-dimensional) which the blocks are put in.
  • Sam Loyd's Slide Puzzle
    Original version of the sliding game fifteen. After shuffling, get the numbers in order from top left to bottom right.
  • 9-Piece Puzzle
    Beta Applet for Java. Features an image of a University seal.
  • Rubik's Fifteen
    You cannot slide individual squares. Instead, you move squares by sliding rows and columns of squares at the same time.
  • Sliding Block Puzzles
    Solutions to these puzzles are now posted.
  • Igor's Puzzle
    Online game written in JavaScript. The next generation of slider puzzles.
  • Enigma
    The image shuffling, puzzle toy for the Web.
  • Word Puzzles and Games
    Word Puzzles
  • Wordless
    If you're one of those folks who can't resist turning words inside out, trying them backwards, or transposing them in your mind, then you'll enjoy Wordless.
  • Metacrostics
    Diabolical acrostic word puzzles for your abusement and annoyment.
  • WordZap
    Interactive, download able word game.
  • Word Games
    A collection of free online word games. Includes fast-paced anagram and vocabulary games as well as word mastermind, cryptograms, hangman and a wordsearch generator.
  • Ambigram.Matic
    Ambigrams are words or phrases that can be read in more than one way.
  • Brain Food
    Give your mind a work out with devious collection of puzzles, ranging from word games to logic problems.
  • Word Play's Boggler
    Here is a series of games that you can play to test your skill.
  • The Definition Guessing Game
    Choose a level and a word and see if you can guess its definition.
  • Wordly Wise Word Games
    An unusual and challenging collection of great word games.
  • Jumbalaya
    Jumbalaya is a word game where you try to find words by connecting letters that appear in a grid.
  • HeadLines Acrostics
    Acrostic type puzzles themed to a headline in a given year.
  • EncycloZine
    Illustrated encyclopedic portal covering a wide range of topics including various puzzles.
  • Funster Multiplayer Word Games
    What's in a Name ? A fast paced competitive online game.
  • Scattergories Game Scrabble Game Scrabble Companion
    Details Details Details
    CrossWord Puzzles
  • Crossword Puzzles
    This noted constructor has compiled the most extensive list of Crossword Puzzle links on the Internet.
  • Crossword of the Day
    A new fully-interactive online Crossword Puzzle to challenge you each day. Quick, challenging and fun.
  • Apex Crosswords
    Witty and challenging crossword puzzles by Apex, the 80 year old master who has entertained his solvers for over 30 years.
  • Peter's Cryptic Corner
    Some top class cryptic crossword puzzles.
  • The Puzzle Society
    Play interactive and print versions of crosswords plus other puzzles and games. Games update daily and there are over 7,000 puzzles in the online archive.
  • The Puzzle Connection
    Crossword, word search and word game puzzles featuring weekly puzzles and puzzle software.
  • Crostic Puzzle
    A crostic puzzle changed regularly, sometimes with letters given. Needs to be printed out.
  • Cryptogram Games
  • Cryptogram Challenge
    A variety of cryptograms ranging from the simple to the moderately difficult, plus advanced papers on cryptology.
  • Cryptographs
    A puzzle that changes daily featuring a quotation whose letters have been transposed and a portrait of the source or subject of the quotation.
  • The Edgar Allan Poe Crypto Challenge
    Solve a 157 year-old cryptograph which may have been written by Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Literary Cryptograms
    Each puzzle is a quotation from some literary work.
  • Cryptograms
    Here is a tool to help you solve cryptograms right in your browser window !
  • Crypto
    A cryptography game to download.
  • Word Search Puzzles
  • John's Word Search Puzzles
    Many word search puzzles to download and print.
  • Quizland's Word Search
    Over sixty interactive themed word searches.
  • The Web Word Search
    Here you'll find various word searches. You can print out each puzzle so you can work on it at your own convenience.
  • Upwords Deluxe Touch Screen Crossword Puzzle Crossword Puzzle Solver
    Details Details Details
    Jigsaw Puzzles
  • M.E. and Me
    Play free online African wildlife puzzle and Underwater sealife puzzles
    Free online jigsaw puzzles of nature, animals, flowers, underwater, cartoons, NASA and fractals.
  • JigZone
    Online jigsaw puzzle with thousands of beautiful pictures and puzzle cuts. Control the level of difficulty for fun by all the family, or a quick distraction at work, or boring days. Send puzzle postcards to friends, puzzle of the day.
    Solve jigsaw puzzles online. Hundreds of jigsaws to choose from.
  • Puzzle House
    Free online shockwave jigsaw puzzles.
  • Just Jigsaw Puzzles
    1,800+ jigsaw puzzles to play right in your browser. A new jigsaw puzzle featured every day.
  • Beanie Jigsaw Puzzle
    Beanie jigsaw puzzle, java applet browser required to play the puzzles.
  • Squirrel Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles
    Like to put together jigsaw puzzles ? New puzzles will be added at least weekly.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Page
    Are you tired of picture jigsaw puzzle? If yes, come to this site now as there is a NEW style jigsaw puzzle. I believe you have not seen it before.
  • Hollywood Jigsaw Puzzle Hand-crafted Jigsaw Puzzle Map of the World Jigsaw Puzzle
    Details Details Details
  • Jigsaw Puzzle for Rock Layers
    Recreate a picture of rock layers by selecting the correct piece and placing it with its corresponding piece.
  • Flash Puzzle Zone
    Home of free daily online jigsaw puzzles, slider puzzles, and other photo puzzles and games.
  • Java Boutique, JigSaw Puzzle
    Jigsaw puzzle powered by a Java applet.
  • Tile Puzzle
    A tiny, meany, jigsaw. Rearrange the tiles so that there are no loose ends.
  • Interactive Picture Puzzles
    Many different puzzles from easy to hard. The only requirement for playing these puzzles is a Java capable browser.
  • Ron's Puzzle Page
    Find a list of puzzles which when solved, feature such images as sunsets, wildlife, and buildings. All require Java-enabled browsers.
  • Behr's Jigsaw Puzzles
    Here you can find photo, painting, black & white as well as comic jigsaw puzzles. Requires a Java-enabled browser.
  • The Kidz Page Online Jigsaw Puzzles
    Free jigsaw puzzles to play online. Fun for everyone. Puzzles range from 6 to 40 pieces with a variety of pictures and themes.
  • - Online Jigsaw Puzzle
    Jigsaw puzzles and other puzzle games are at home on! Download and play these professional jigsaw puzzle games for Windows!
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
    Play free jigsaw puzzles online; a daily jigsaw puzzle game with photos to search from their gallery photo album of unique stock photos.
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